Slick Help Customer Support Designed For Business Pitch

Process Model

Our team at Slick Help are currently employees at American Ambulance.

American Ambulance has a problem.

Support requests are being lost. Others are being prioritized incorrectly.  There is no visibility to how far along tasks are to being completed.

Slick Help is our solution to these support problems.  Slick Help is the help desk solution designed for your business.

Help Desk Support

What is help desk support?

Every company faces day to day problems, whether it is someone’s printer stopped working, someone needs a new column on an excel sheet etc.

Whenever we are faced with such a problem we either stop what we are doing and fix it, or make a note of it to go and fix it later. However this causes problems to arise, whether you lose focus on what you were originally working on, or forget to do a minor task when many more important tasks come up.

With a help desk support system you can create, track and manage your problems with ease. This leads to overall increase in productivity which in turn saves you time, and saves your company money! This is exactly what Slick Help has to offer for you.

Slick Help Web Application

Slick Help is a web application.

It is used as a front desk ticketing tracking tool.

Users can create tickets, assign the ticket to the correct person, and assign the severity of the problem and any other notes. Users then can manage and view all tickets pertaining to them and get a better overall sense of tasks needed to accomplish.

Slick help is planning on using Natural Language Artificial Intelligence to take care of common problems and help guide the user to assign the ticket to the correct person. How many times have you got an e-mail that didn’t relate to you? I know I have…

We also plan on supporting voice recognition as a hands free ticket creation feature.

It performs very quickly.

It uses the new ASP.NET Core web server enabling very quick response.  We use Microsoft SQL Server as our database to store and retrieve our data.  Vue.JS is our front end framework allowing quick user interface feedback.


Here is an example of our user interface that is live right now, in which users can experience Slick Help.

New support requests can be submitted via the pictured form or via a custom email address.  We have a live demo which accepts support requests from support [@]  I encourage you to try it out.

Slick Help also supports forwarding your own company's email directly into our system.

We have a mail server running the product HMailServer.  We created a mail processing back end service called, Mail Ingester which will automatically read email and create ticket records and automatic replies.

Tickets are managed from our support page.  We use the edit button to set or change such attributes such as, type, severity, status, and assigned support technician.  Support technicians can also add additional details as requests are being solved.  Slick Help automatically keeps the original requester informed of all updates.

Vue.js allows these web forms to communicate to our API seamlessly without page refreshes.

Slick Help uses the Bootstrap library to support both desktop and mobile platforms.


Each of Slick Helps customers will control their own support configuration.  Our administration page allows each of these settings to be edited.

Status - For example, In Progress, Waiting on Customer, Complete, On Hold

Type - For example, Bug, Broken Equipment, New Software, Software Feature

Severity - For example, Low, Normal, High, Critical

Users - These are your licensed support technicians

Contacts - This list automatically builds as tickets are submitted.  There is no charge for unlimited contacts.

Company - A list of companies supported by the client

Rules - A way to customize workflow


According to a case study done by Google, help desk ticketing systems increase productivity within a company up to 20%!

The impact Slick Help will have on any given company is substantial.

Slick Help increases productivity by reducing the overhead involved with manually tracking support requests. Our reporting solution will give department managers clear visibility.

Planned reports are ticket lifetime, team productivity, again counts, and customer load.

Customer satisfaction is improved by giving them automatic status updates via email.  Older support issues are not forgotten or lost.

We can bring up new Slick Help customers quickly.  The system was designed to scale.  Shared or dedicated installations are available.

The unique quality Slick Help is that it can be a part of every industry.

Market Appeal

This is why Slick Help is so desirable in the market because regardless of what type of company you have, help desk support is needed. Slick Help doesn’t just appeal to a niche small section of the market but rather the whole market itself. With easy ticket submissions and tracking, Slick Help will be of use to anyone.

We are targeting companies which want an online based solution.

Slick Help supports ticket submissions from an email and a web form ticket.  As a reminder, we also plan on supporting voice recognition as a hands free ticket creation feature.

Business Model

Our business model for Slick Help is a subscription based company.

Customers will pick one of our four plans and subscribe to one of them.

For example American Ambulance has over 600 employees.  It subscribes to eight support technicians.  Eight technicians on Slick Help is currently $25 a month during our special 59 Days of Code sale.

All our prices are extremely competitive compared to the next available help desk support software. Once again, due to the fact that our software can be used by any company, we hope to make our strength in numbers.

There is no charge for an unlimited number of contacts. Contacts are the supported customers and employees of our clients.

It is flexible in price and customization.

New clients are on boarded quickly.  Free trials can easily be accommodated.


We believe our scalability is limitless.

Our software is self-sustaining and easy to set up, in the sense that once it is implemented it can be set up for new customers within a couple hours then we move on to the next customer. 

Slick Help supports a virtual cloud platform. We can scale machines up quickly.

Company overhead will be adjusted based on market conditions.

We are planning on growth based employment.

Stock based incentives are planned.

Use of Funds

Support software is a highly competitive market.

Immediate investment will be made into sales and marketing hires.  Part of the sales budget will include ads for Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Initial company funds will also pay for Microsoft Azure cloud service fees.

Promotions such as free trials will also be offered as a growth driver.