Increase Customer Satisfaction

Slick Help Value Slide

Recently our team prepared for an upcoming pitch.  We created a rough draft of our slide.  We want to communicate our company goal.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Your customers have issues.

Do they report them?  Are the barriers to reporting too much for them to overcome?

Slick Help makes reporting issues easy.

Your customers can use any digital device to either create a ticket on the web site or email directly.

Slick Help keeps your customers informed.

Newly created tickets are automatically created and customers are notified via email for both the creation of the ticket, as well as subsequent ticket updates.

Slick Help Technology Enables Communication

Your company support is ignoring your customers.

Your company support is giving full attention and help to all the issues they can track.  The problem is that not all issues can be tracked on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.  It is not humanly possible to remember all that information.

How do we keep customers and support personnel informed?

We use a database to remember what the issue is and when tasks are complete.  We use programs called services which are always running both checking the elapsed time and automatically informing customers and support technicians of missed deadlines.

Leave a comment below.  What are some of your customer satisfaction problems?

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